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Seriously... I'm totally gonna get it this time!

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2008.01.02 at 20:59
Feels: bouncybouncy

WTP 94

Large View Here

Its very rare that I make New Years resolutions... its a nice tradition, but for most things, it never lasts.

I want this one to last, and I don't want there to be another month or two between updates again.

That... and really, plushie finger puppets... cute, but not the greatest potential for activity, ya know?


Con crud never fully gets out of your brain...

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.11.28 at 21:18
Feels: bouncybouncy

WTP 93

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Its been just about two weeks since MFF, and I still can't fully get my mind outta the burn-out from being in convention-mode... meaning I've been horribly lethargic as far as artwork goes. I just can't seem to find a good chunk of motivation to sit down for the day and draw after doing so much must-produce-artwork-NOW for the three days of the con, not to mention all the last minute work the couple of weeks before-hand.

So, I'm still a little out of it. A few more days of catching up on sleep and getting back into a common routine should be all I need, and then I'll be locked back in my little artist cell, pumping out the precious artwork... yesssss.... the preciousssss..... must draw the precioussss..... loves it, the fanboyssss.....


Don'tcha just hate it when you get a little Smeegol in your throat? Con-crud, I tell you!!!


'Tis the season to GORGE!!!

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.11.22 at 13:57
Feels: chipperchipper

WTP Thanksgiving07

Large View Here

So, I'm back from MFF, and I have to say that there is one big thing that really took me by surprise.

I got a LOT of questions asking when I was going to start drawing this comic again on a regular basis.

I... I didn't know that many folks paid attention to it!

Really, it was kinda shocking!

So... that's one more thing that I am thankful for... that I make folks laugh a lot more than I know of for the right reasons.

Thank you, folks... deeply!

Comics with actual plotlines will start back up next week!


The best part of Bulging up... is the coffee in your cup!

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.10.25 at 18:56
Feels: gigglygiggly

WTP 92

Large view here

Itty is informing me that I should probably stop the coffee-commercial parodies before I actually get sued. Seriously, some corporate-folks simply can't take a joke!

That's ok... I've got a ton of different corporations to parody!

Dirge suggested the inspiration for this joke to me a while back, and I just never got around to doodling it until now.

And soon... back to the storyline!!!


We interrupt our regularly scheduled storyline...

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.10.25 at 18:50
Feels: bouncybouncy

WTP 91

Large view here

... for a brief commercial advertisement.

Folks... do your mornings have you feeling saggy?

Does it seem like there's just no bounce in your step when you walk out the door

Are you tired of being tired and uninspired when the new day is springing upon you???

Then may we recommend new Bulger's Carbonated Crystals coffee... 100% guaranteed to get your body pumped up to meet the challenges of the new day in seconds!


The job search continues...

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.10.21 at 04:23
Feels: bouncybouncy

WTP 90

Large view here

After a bit of thinking over the matter, not only is hand drawing faster than trying to do this all in Open Canvas... the detail in the inking looks better too, so I'll be switching back to drawing this comic by hand.

Once I get that tablet computer powered up and I'm actually able to have a digital surface that I can rotate around like a piece of paper, then I'll think about going back to digitally drawing this. That'll be a while, though.

Itty really ought to know better than to mouth off at me... I am the one drawing his fate, after all.



I'm gonna run out of procrastination jokes at this rate...

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.10.10 at 14:38
Feels: chipperchipper

WTP 89
Large View Here

No trick or treating for comic me unless I start keeping on top of this comic.

I really gotta move drawing this up a little higher on my priorities list.


Mind control... as an occupation???

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.08.28 at 15:46
Feels: bouncybouncy

WTP 88
Large view here

I understand that a life-coach is a legitimate job (I had to swallow a TON of laughter just to type that), and judging by the state of quite a few individuals in the world... yes, they could probably use a bit of a conscience in their lives...

... but a Mephooki-conscience?

Even I know that ain't a good idea!!!

Seriously... your life is so out of control that you can't make your own decisions? That is SOOOOO not a good thing. Though I'm glad that folks like that have decided to get some level of help, it really disturbs me that the end result is not being able to independently think for yourself when it comes to your life.

Actually... now that I've typed that... it really disturbs me the number of folks I know that this might not be a bad idea. When did we lose the ability to think for ourselves and make our own decisions to get our lives out of our destructive patterns?


Extree, extree...

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.08.19 at 10:09
Feels: bouncybouncy

WTP 87
Large view here

Ever since I was a kid, the moment I get a newspaper in my hands, the first thing I do is section it apart until I find the comics. It isn't that I don't know there are other parts to the paper, but making myself laugh was always the most important part.

Honestly, the rest can be kinda depressing and awfully intimidating sometimes!

This week's procrastination brought to you by a very busy week and noooooo sleep!

Another comic tomorrow, so long as I don't crash my internet connection later today!


Noticing the obvious

Posted by mocha_mephooki on 2007.08.13 at 12:11
Feels: bouncybouncy

WTP 86

Large view here

I do have a bad tendency to put things off to the last minute; this comic is just the tip of the iceberg, but there are advantages to having learned over a lifetime how to cram a lot of work into a short ammount of time.

Off the top of my head I can't think of one, but I've got years to fill in that blank.

On a side note; I'm doing a bit of a test with how I draw the comic, and I'm trying to make a few of these entirely digitally because I seem to work more consistently when I'm parked in front of a computer screen. There's a little bit of a learning curve now since I can't rotate the page itself while I ink, but that shouldn't be a huge problem in the long run. If the quality (quality... HA!) of these gets noticeably worse than the hand drawn ones, then I'll probably switch back.

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